My friend sighed and said, "I'm very afraid of thunder. As long as it's thunderstorm, she must have insomnia." After my friend's call, I heard him say, "is it raining in Hangzhou?" Then, the friend said, "go to bed early and don't watch the TV series of the mother-in-law." He closed his cell phone and said to me, "it's not raining in Hangzhou." The call lasted less than a minute. Compared with the "telephone porridge" of the period, the call time of tens of seconds is really too short, but these tens of seconds are meaningful. What is left in the end? It is the great realm of marriage to have peaceful days and help each other. Marriage is not just to marry a man or to marry a man. It has three realms. The first level: marry someone you love. Second level: marriage with a loved one and him or her. Second level: marriage with a loved one and him or her. The third realm: marriage with a loved one, his or her habits, and his or her background. In the first realm, the marriage is relatively stable. In the second realm, the marriage is relatively stable. There are few couples in the third realm. In this world, those who live together are basically married three times in their lives. The first time is in the hotel, in the congratulations and blessings of relatives and friends, to "marry" a person you love. The second time was at home. After several years of running in, they "married" each other's habits. The third time is in the family, with each other's various "marriage". The second and third marriages are quite different from the first. There is no grand wedding ceremony, no relatives and friends to congratulate, the only thing present is the tacit understanding between the two sides. Real marriage often happens in the last two times.